Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Newsletter

For Those Who Think
They Are Not Creative


I have a dear friend who thinks that she is not creative or skilled in making things. The other day I was at her house and found this winged horse amongst a smattering of her daughter’s toys. I fell in love with its simplicity and the perfect execution of her daughter’s request for a horse with wings.

Without hesitation, my self-proclaimed "non-creative" friend had cut and stitched the horse from scraps in a matter of minutes. The little loved horse has journeyed around town and through the washing machine inside a pocket a number of times.

It is important to remove judgment and worry about how your audience will receive what you create. Perhaps this is why making things for young children often comes without hesitation and self-doubt. Too much judgment will surely inhibit (and maybe even destroy) the outcome.

My advice for you “non-creative” types: Just go for it (should you have a small child as your intended audience or not).
I borrowed this little horse and put it on my desk for a few days, and upon returning it I asked my friend if I could copy her design and make one for myself. Needless to say, she was flattered.

~ Alison Kaplan, Founder of Kata Golda


Wool Felt Scraps

Do you feel like you are one of these "non-creative" types? Would an envelope of felt scraps inspire you to be more daring?

If so, drop Kata Golda a line (and your mailing address) and we'll send the first ten respondents some felt scraps, free of charge.

Kata Golda creates unique gifts for children and adults using a combination of hand-dyed wool felt, stitching, and letterpress printing. From photo albums and guest books to hand-stitched items and personalized gifts, Kata Golda’s work is a treasured heirloom for any occasion.

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