Friday, September 2, 2011

Garden Inspiration: Carrots

This is the third installment in a short series about the influence my garden has had on the new items I'm creating for my 2012-2013 catalog. The first post was about pea pods; the second was about beets; and this latest addition focuses on carrots.


Summer has been a great test of work-life balance. It's been full of so many activities that I love, the majority of which take place outdoors and don't always mesh well with the work that needs to be done inside the studio.

Perhaps my most cherished daily summer activity is vegetable gardening. I feel productive, am outdoors and the fruits of my labor are delicious and provide me with a great deal of satisfaction. But it's the unique way that caring for the plants informs my creative work that really makes this segment of my life feel like an essential piece of the pie. The patience that garden tasks can require is a welcome slowing of pace to my otherwise "go-go-go" lifestyle, providing a "quiet of mind" that can otherwise be hard to come by.
Picking carrots is one of the routine tasks that really gets the back burners of my brain simmering. It's so satisfying to pull all of that color from the dark dirt. I am thankful that I don't have rabbits to compete with, as my friend Rita does. On a recent visit to her place we noticed that they had managed to find their way under the chicken wire and into her garden bed. They had quite the feast.

These rabbits are more endearing, and less likely to gobble up the garden. Like the pea pod I made, the carrot that these little guys live in is made from a 50% organic cotton / 50% organic hemp fabric that is hand-dyed. All 3 rabbits are made from wool felt, also hand-dyed, and tuck in to the carrot, which fastens at the top with a hook and loop closure.

I did take some liberties with the leaves on top of the carrot. I wasn't happy with how my experiments making carrot leaves from felt were turning out, so I turned elsewhere in the garden for inspiration — and found that arugula leaves translated beautifully. 

I hope you all have a fabulous labor day weekend and enjoy the last days of summer.

~ Kata Golda


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