Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Bottle of Stillness

With most of the country going through extensive heat ways, it's hard for most of you to imagine that it could be cold, gray and rainy elsewhere in the US. But our summer here in the Pacific Northwest has been a cool and gray one, and there is still so much snow pack (as in 6 – 10 feet deep!) in the mountains that many of my hiking adventures have had to be moved to lower elevations.

For one backpacking trip this meant that instead of a mountain adventure, we had a rainforest and beach adventure. Rain is not, understandably, my favorite weather to camp in, but even a grey and quiet beach brings great surprises.

A beach walk along the Pacific in Olympic National Park.
During one afternoon walk we were surprised by a small, lone doe that emerged from the fog along the coastline and trotted across the sand — the endless movement of waves providing a perfect soundtrack to this peaceful scene.

In that moment everything stopped — and my presence in that exact moment, the attentiveness to my surroundings, the stillness it all created in my mind…I wanted to bottle it all up and keep it in my pocket, to pull out later when the busy-ness of life starts to overwhelm me.

Exploring the calm of the tide pools.
If only I could figure out how to do that. Any ideas?
~ Kata Golda


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  1. What beautiful pictures and what a wonderful post.

    It's been pretty mild here in San Francisco, too. The past two years, in fact. While the crazy weather affects much the rest of the country, we're staying cool :).