Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Splendid Day

It is a shockingly beautiful day today.

I've been longing for a day like today for way too long, when I can sit outside at my favorite working location — the bench outside in front of my studio — and look at my beautiful flowers without being separated by a window.

With last month being the coldest April we've had on record in 120 years, I've felt that it's quite unfair that this time of year when my absolute favorite flowers are in bloom, and yet it's been too miserable to truly enjoy them. Due to the excessive rain I've been in the garden every day, working to protect the flowers in hopes that they will last long enough for me to enjoy them up close. The deer here are well-known for their attentiveness to gardens, so each morning I spray the flowers with an awful-smelling spray in hopes of deterring their snacking habits.

And now, today....ahhh! At last, a clear sunny day that I can spend outside enjoying my garden: the fritillaria with its delicate lilting stem, like a lacey intricate tulip…and the anemones with their deep rich centers and complicated leaf shape.

It's a day of celebration for me. If you need me you can find me outside on the bench with my felt, scissors, needle and thread in hand — and the cat sunning herself at my feet.


~ Kata Golda

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