Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Living With Mistakes

My work on the 2012 Kata Golda catalog continues, with most of the items completed but still a good many to design, create and refine… and refine and refine. Sometimes I get so frustrated when I spend day after day creating things that in the end are just not right.

However frustrating it is in that moment, I know that if I take a break I'll be rewarded later with a moment that provides a new insight. But it seems lately that my work days are requiring more breaks than usual to have another cup of tea, walk around the block, bake something in the kitchen… anything to help me push through these creative hurdles.

Here is one of my many failed prototypes for a heart-shaped pot holder. It's made from a piece of cotton quilt batting that's sandwiched between felt and linen sewn together.

Not happy with how it turned out, I set it aside and forgot about it. Then one day it resurfaced and became my coaster at my morning sewing spot for awhile. Now its latest incarnation is as a pin cushion  —  well, as a work mat, really. At home it's where I stick my pins and needles, lay the thread I am working with, place my scissors when they aren't in use. What was once a cast-away has turned out to be a very useful mistake.

This pouch is another "happy accident" that I've also become quite fond of. It was originally made to hold photos and other memorabilia, but I've found it's quite handy for days when I'm constantly on the move.

I use it to hold my needles, pins and the piles of loose, usable strands of thread that fall on my lap as I clip off loose ends. I just pop this into my bag with a bit of stitching and I'm ready to go  — perfect for ferry rides to the city and overnight adventures.

Through this re-purposing I'm learning to embrace my creative failures— and perhaps even appreciate them a bit more in those frustrating moments when they happen.

And really, is taking a moment to go for a walk or sip some tea really all that bad?

~ Kata Golda

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