Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Close to Home

The past week's theme for me has been "close to home", and so I thought I'd use this week's blog post to celebrate all of the local events that are brewing in Kata Golda's world.


As you all know I launched a Valentine's Day campaign in January with Spoon Foundation, a non-profit organization in Portland, Oregon whose mission is to improve the health of international orphans and adoptees by providing them with the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. From now until 2/10/11, I am donating 50% of the profits from all Valentine items sold on to Spoon. READ FULL STORY

A friend who stopped by my studio asked which items are turning out to be most popular. The Valentine's Day stuffed companion bear (shown below) is always a big hit, as I can easily personalize it with a child's name. But as shown by the growing stack on my work table, my folded Valentine cards (shown above), which are adorned with hand-stitched wool felt, are just as popular — especially if budget is a concern.

Thank you to all that have supported this campaign so far with their purchases, and to those that have helped spread the word. We still have 2 weeks to go, but the ordering deadlines are drawing near and the campaign is need of a boost:
  • Help spread the word by sharing my Facebook posts
  • Keep the buzz alive and re-Tweet announcements
  • Please consider one of my handmade felt Valentine items when choosing your gifts this year. Half of the profits from your item go directly to Spoon! VIEW ITEMS


Speaking of Portland, Modern Domestic has invited me back to teach more felt sewing workshops this Spring! Registration for the classes are not yet open, but I can tell you that they will happen in early April and will include cute spring-themed projects.


Closer to home, a spontaneous visit to Seattle's Marigold & Mint recently resulted in a very pleasant outcome, and I'm pleased to announce that you will soon be able to find Kata Golda items in this charming organic flower and gift shop on Capitol Hill. I'll have more details to share in the coming weeks.

~ Kata Golda

2/6/2011: Last day to place orders & receive by 2/14/11 via UPS Ground Shipping.

2/7/2011: Last day to place orders & receive by 2/14/11 via UPS 2-Day Air Shipping.

2/10/2011: Last day to place orders & receive by 2/14/11 via UPS Next-day Air Shipping.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas in July, Halloween in Spring

As a business owner, timing is very important — but as a creative, it's hard to get inspiration to occur on a set schedule. Oddly enough, this time of year is when I should be thinking about fall and Christmas, so that I have time to develop ideas and create items for my retail clients and online store.

Which means that I should not be thinking of making Valentines to sell to stores at this time of year — it's too late — and yet I can't help it: Valentines are what I want to make. And being that I live with a great punster, it's always guaranteed to be a fun process. I always end up with 2 stacks on my waiting table: one of words and one of imagery, which I then sift through and edit until I come up with the perfect combinations.

My favorite from this year's Valentine card ideas is "honey bee mine". It's a sweet sentiment that avoids the traditional trappings of Valentine cards, making it appropriate for any time of year. It's available in my Etsy boutique as an individual card, or as one of six designs in my Mini Felt Valentine Card Set.

[ABOVE] The bee on this Kata Golda Valentine card is handmade from wool felt & adorned with hand-stitched accents. The message "honey bee mine" is typed on the front using a vintage typewriter. $6 with free UPS ground shipping in the continental U.S.

[ABOVE] This handmade set of Kata Golda Valentine cards includes 6 different designs and matching envelopes. $33 with free UPS Ground shipping in the continental U.S.

I hope you enjoy my new little folded cards. They are simple and tiny (3.75" tall by 2.5" wide) and bring together what I like most: soft paper, felt, drawing and stitching. Making them has resulted in a few paper cuts along the way, but a labor of love is rarely without blood, sweat or tears. Or my case: felt, thread and paper.

~ Kata Golda

Kata Golda Supports Spoon Foundation:
From now through 2/10/11, 50% of profits from all Valentine items purchased on will benefit Spoon's mission to improve the health of international orphans and adoptees. To learn more, visit

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Kata Golda + Spoon Foundation

Happy New Year to all!

I am kicking off the new year with giving to a charity that I believe in, one that aligns with my goal to direct support toward those who assist in the well-being of children.

For that reason I have chosen Spoon Foundation, whose mission is to improve the health of international orphans and adoptees by providing them with the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. For children who are without parents, especially in developing countries, this takes a global community of people who care. Spoon seeks to accomplish this by:
  • giving as many orphans as possible the chance for healthy development.
  • influencing nutrition policies and procedures for orphans around the world.
  • ensuring that adopted children get the nutrition they need once they come home.

From January 10 – February 10, 2011, Kata Golda is donating 50% of the profits from all Valentine items* on to the Spoon Foundation. This includes:

Valentine's Cards
Valentine's Photo Albums
Valentine's Stuffed Companions
Valentine's Pocket Pillows

Please consider these items when shopping for Valentine's Day gifts; your purchase will benefit children in need of better nutritional health. To learn more, visit

* Sorry, but this offer does not apply to items sold on Etsy.

Happy 2011 to all of you and thank you for all of your support. I greatly appreciate it.

Warmest regards,
~ Kata Golda