Thursday, December 23, 2010

Celebrating at Home

It's true that I've spent most of my time during the past two months making things for others to celebrate the winter holidays. But life at home still goes on, and behind the scenes I've been able to steal moments throughout the day to work on festive things with my family for our own celebrations.

[ABOVE] Making gift tags: A little cutting, simple tiny stitching, typing, gluing, hole punching and—finally—a loop of candy cane string to make them come together all so perfectly.

[ABOVE] Forcing bulbs so that in mid-winter we will have a lovely show of paper whites.

[ABOVE] Using Kata Golda tea cups to make votive candles — these are made from bee's wax (which the cat loves). More uses for tea cups.

[ABOVE] Making owl ornaments: This is actually the very tree in my yard where we hear a barn owl—it's a fairly regular happening late in the night. It wakes us and we rush to look out the window, but never see it. But we are quite sure that the startling, screeching sounds are coming from this tree.

As the last of the holiday orders safely make their way to their new homes, I can sit back and properly enjoy the holidays with my family and friends. It's been a wonderfully busy year, and I'm so thankful for all the support that I've received from my customers, my publishers, friends—and most importantly—my ever-patient family.

I hope you're looking to all the new adventures that 2011 will bring as much as I am. But for now, rest. Relax. Have a peaceful holiday, and a happy new year.

~Kata Golda

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