Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Way Things Fall

When traveling and visiting friends I'm not always able to have my stitching, drawing pencil or idea book in hand as much as I'd like. With new surroundings come many new inspiring observations, and without my beloved tools I often wander off and draw in my mind. Even as I photographed this ribbon, my mind was already drawing it with a soft number 6 pencil, recreating the lights and darks of its contours on a creamy, soft sheet of paper.

In these moments I think about the way the light is hitting something/someone; the objects that people keep and the colors they have around them; the fruit they keep in their fruit bowl; the list they keep up with a magnet on their refrigerator; the way things fall and the arrangement they take once they've come to rest.

[ABOVE] Happy accident: the fruit really landed on the floor in this order.

If I'm prepared I'm able to catch these fleeting thoughts with my camera — but if I have the time right then and there I try to capture them with a pencil sketch or with a stitched "doodle", like in this photo album.

[ABOVE] A close-up of a the thread drawing from the cover of my "Bird & Tree" embroidered photo album.

[ABOVE] Little pencil drawings, done during one of my many summer excursions.

As fall kicks into high gear, so does my schedule. More often than not these days, the photos get printed and placed into one of many "idea piles" I have in my studio, waiting their turn to become something more than a snapshot of my memory.

[ABOVE] This photo of falling dead petals sits in two of my idea piles. One is of things I want to draw, and the other pile is of examples to follow when making hair on one of my stuffed companion dolls.

Once the rush of the holidays is over, I'll make a hot cup of tea, curl up by the fire, and catch up on those piles — sketching until the dark morning turns bright and it's time to begin my work day.

~ Kata Golda

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