Monday, September 20, 2010


I can not resist red. It shows up, feels so important and is just purely the answer when in need of a shot of color. Here are a few examples that have caught my eye in the past month.

[ABOVE] Fresh paint and sunshine.

As the grasses brown from long stretches of sunshine, this freshly painted hydrant's vibrance was such a stark contrast to the old, dry stump next to it that I couldn't resist documenting it for future inspiration.

[ABOVE] A thimble berry, ripe for eating.

A walk in the woods here in late summer brings with it a lot of taste treats. If timing is lucky, red thimble berries, like this one, abound. They are a treat of the moment and must be consumed as they are picked, for they won't survive in their full glory when plopped in a bucket as blueberries do.

[ABOVE] Variations of red.

This salmon-colored wall and the rich red stripe on the cans provide a lovely subtle color variation. I love to collect color families (hues which are still all called the same color—in this case red—but are really quite different).

~ Kata Golda

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