Monday, September 13, 2010


It's a time of abundance, of things in multiples — a late summer delight. It's a time of year for me when much gets done.

There's the stock piling of stuffed companions, in preparation for the winter holidays (I like it when the companions have lots of companions)...

Halloween Stuffed Companions:Black Cats

...the cases of fruit and vegetables that are practically given away as farmers have too much to work with (and I cannot pass them up). Lots of freezing, drying, canning, baking and eating going on.

[ABOVE] Nectarines from a local farm.

And then there are the orders for special projects ("welcome," "baby" and "sweet pea" banners) — which I am so grateful for.

[ABOVE] Lettered flags for banners and piles of brag book covers line my "waiting table."

They keep the business running smoothly and provide a sort of wonderful monotony from which my mind often wonders into creative territory. These are the days that I make sure that my idea book and sharp pencil are always within arm's reach, ready to catch the new ideas before they float away.

~Kata Golda

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