Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quiet of Color

Now that we're officially heading into a new season where the sun shines less frequently, I find myself occasionally turning on the heater and covering up with a blanket when I sit and stitch in my little corner of the sofa under my lamp — in spite of it being warmer this week than it was many days this past summer.

But the darkness is creeping up into supper time, and the early mornings feel more like the middle of the night. With all this comes a shift in my observations. Summer's bright color has faded away, and the subtle details in fall's color combinations have become much more interesting to me.

[ABOVE] A hand-stitched tea towel (left) that I made for my friend Jen hangs on the wall of her studio. At this time of year I find myself drawn to softer color schemes such as this one.

The heavy clouds in the fall sky and the increase in waking to the sound of fog horns add a sort of melancholy mood to the shift. Oatmeal-colored felt and fabric find their way into more of my work, and the black pen lines in my drawings have become more simple. I've been experimenting with turning those simple drawings into embroidery work, such as on these canvas bags that I make.

[ABOVE] One of my zippered canvas bags, embroidered with a lamb.

[ABOVE] A close-up shot of the embroidery.

These small embroidery experiments have also made their way onto tea towels, which I've made as gifts for friends. While they're not yet part of my regular catalog, I have put a few of my favorite designs for sale on Etsy.

[ABOVE] Detail of the organic cotton tea towel I made, embroidered with a girl mouse holding a flower.

[ABOVE] Detail of my organic cotton lady bug tea towel, also available on Etsy.

Welcome fall.

~ Kata Golda

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Monday, September 20, 2010


I can not resist red. It shows up, feels so important and is just purely the answer when in need of a shot of color. Here are a few examples that have caught my eye in the past month.

[ABOVE] Fresh paint and sunshine.

As the grasses brown from long stretches of sunshine, this freshly painted hydrant's vibrance was such a stark contrast to the old, dry stump next to it that I couldn't resist documenting it for future inspiration.

[ABOVE] A thimble berry, ripe for eating.

A walk in the woods here in late summer brings with it a lot of taste treats. If timing is lucky, red thimble berries, like this one, abound. They are a treat of the moment and must be consumed as they are picked, for they won't survive in their full glory when plopped in a bucket as blueberries do.

[ABOVE] Variations of red.

This salmon-colored wall and the rich red stripe on the cans provide a lovely subtle color variation. I love to collect color families (hues which are still all called the same color—in this case red—but are really quite different).

~ Kata Golda

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Monday, September 13, 2010


It's a time of abundance, of things in multiples — a late summer delight. It's a time of year for me when much gets done.

There's the stock piling of stuffed companions, in preparation for the winter holidays (I like it when the companions have lots of companions)...

Halloween Stuffed Companions:Black Cats

...the cases of fruit and vegetables that are practically given away as farmers have too much to work with (and I cannot pass them up). Lots of freezing, drying, canning, baking and eating going on.

[ABOVE] Nectarines from a local farm.

And then there are the orders for special projects ("welcome," "baby" and "sweet pea" banners) — which I am so grateful for.

[ABOVE] Lettered flags for banners and piles of brag book covers line my "waiting table."

They keep the business running smoothly and provide a sort of wonderful monotony from which my mind often wonders into creative territory. These are the days that I make sure that my idea book and sharp pencil are always within arm's reach, ready to catch the new ideas before they float away.

~Kata Golda

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Places I Sit & Sew

I've been thinking a bit more about my last post, and why I took so many photos of chairs.

I think it's because when I travel, I am looking for new places to sit and have a set of criteria by which to judge their desirability as stitching locations. This provides great comfort to me, because I always carry around a "to go" bag of stitching, equipped with needles, thread, scissors and projects.

When I think about the desirability of the places to sit, the most important quality is light. Not necessarily good light to sew by, but light that makes a place look golden... light that inspires me to take a photograph. These are the places where even when traveling, I feel at home.

So with all this talk of chairs, I thought I'd share with you a few places that I like to sit and stitch when I am at home.

[ABOVE] Book binding in the wee hours of the morning with Inez the cat.

[ABOVE] A sunny afternoon on the front porch.

[ABOVE] The banquette: a perfect spot for stitching and napping.

Of course I am also known to work in the kitchen or at a café...or on a sunny rock when on a hike. It's nice that my work allows for such flexibility.

~ Kata Golda

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