Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Importance of Record Keeping

Light does not stay, it moves and changes the picture constantly. I have always been one to notice, but not always one to record. I would say to myself, "Oh, you can take the picture later" or "You'll remember what you are seeing." The truth is that sometimes I can remember the feeling but rarely do I remember with clarity the picture or the thought.

This also applies to writing things down. Personal record keeping informs so much of my work and I am glad that at last that I know myself well enough to know that:
1. I will not remember.
2. This record keeping has important value in my work.

Now I no longer wait to take that photo, to jot down an idea — my camera and journal stay with me wherever I go. Capturing these inspiring moments when they arise are too important to miss — they inspire my sense of color, shape and expression in my work.

What record keeping do you do for your creative work?

~ Kata Golda

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