Monday, May 10, 2010

Anemones in Red

"Anemone" is one of my favorite words to say ("uh-nem-uh-nee") — however the name of this flower is often said and spelled incorrectly. It's also the name of a marine animal, the sea anemone.

In December I planted anemone bulbs in my front garden. I cut out the picture of what they are to look like, placing it on the refrigerator with the school photos and basketball schedule.

Now that they've grown, they look more lush and vibrant than I had imagined. I really like the dark center of the flower and the shape of its leaves. I love how it opens and closes with the daylight and how it chases the sun.

Unfortunately the aggressive and fearless deer enjoy the anemone's flavor, and — much to my dismay — I noticed many stems missing their flower heads one morning during my routine early-morning stroll through the gardens, with my steaming coffee in one hand and deer spray in the other.

Fortunately this destruction occurred early on, prior to most of the anemones' blooming. And it motivated me to make that day the day to documented the flower, before the deer could strike again. So later that day I set aside some time to draw and photograph it — and I am now stitching 50 felt patches to go on the covers of a special order of felt patch photograph albums.

The garden provides endless inspiration for me — and, apparently, the deer.

~ Kata Golda

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Monday, May 3, 2010

'Tis the (Wedding) Season

The first of my wedding gift orders started trickling into my studio in April, but now the season is in full swing.

To celebrate, I'm offering FREE UPS Ground Shipping for all orders shipping within the continental U.S., through the end of May 2010.

This year's wedding collection has expanded to include matching guest book and photo album sets, an expanded selection of brag books, and my new heirloom pockets. Whether you are looking for a unique bridal shower gift, are a bride looking for gifts for the bridal party, or are a friend looking to give a thoughtful engagement keepsake, you're sure to find something unique to fit the occasion.

If you would like your gift personalized with a hand-stitched message, or have a custom design in mind, just let me know and I'll be happy to help.

Since you'll save on shipping, why not add a handmade card to your order as well?

Happy wedding shopping!

~ Kata Golda

Look for Kata Golda's collection at two
RENEGADE CRAFT FAIR events this summer: