Monday, April 19, 2010

Apple Blossoms & Christmas Ornaments

At this time of year, rain or shine, I feel like I act more and reflect less. The garden keeps me very busy every day, nagging me at every empty moment (the best kind of nagging). Rubber boots and dirty knees, I oblige happily!

But in the wee hours of the morning (some orders come in in the middle of the night), I make holiday ornaments — snowmen, gingerbread men, angels, stars, penguins, can be a funny business, always thinking a few seasons ahead, but the garden keeps me in the moment and fully aware that this is the time of blossoms, starts and dandelions.

And really, if I wanted to create a winter scene in the Pacific Northwest during in the springtime, those invasive, pesky holly tree are everywhere, waiting to be accessorized. But for now, I'll choose the newly- blossomed apple trees.

Celebrate Spring!

~ Kata Golda

Kata Golda is available for custom and commissioned pieces large and small, and will gladly teach workshops for children and adults. Call or email for details.

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