Monday, February 15, 2010

A Daily Practice in Drawing

I try to make drawing, whether it be with pencil or thread, a daily practice in my life. In the last few weeks my attention has shifted to the outdoors and the nature that surrounds me. With temperatures a bit warmer than normal in the northwest, plants are starting to show signs of new life — even those that were pruned down to piles of dead-looking twigs are becoming speckled with bits of green. Drawing these organic forms reminds me that there are no straight lines in nature.

I am not sure that these little thread drawings of pods and leaves will ever become more than just practice or a simple record of the day — nor am I concerned about placing those expectations on them. The true value lies in the ritual itself.

~ Kata Golda

Kata Golda is available for custom and commissioned pieces large and small, and will gladly teach workshops for children and adults. Call or email for details.

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  1. thanks Kata ... never thought to do something like that ... I'm going to give it a try!