Monday, November 9, 2009

Putting the Garden to Bed

The last of the color (the Japanese maple) is slowly scattering its leaves all over the ground. Working in the garden becomes a little less inviting at this time of year, often requiring layers of wool clothing and rain boots. But it must be put to bed... soil amended, plants either pulled out of the ground or cut back. It's time to collect seeds, plant bulbs, and start enjoying the canned tastes of summer.

BELOW: The dying sun flowers stuck around to add atmosphere for Halloween, not to mention that the birds are still enjoying them.

BELOW: The garden beds, covered in a thick layer of straw.

All of this means that it's nice time to curl up by the fire and sew! Which is good, as I have a lot of it to do at this time of year. It seems that these days the winter holiday season begins the day after Halloween. Need something to sew? Time to start making holiday gifts perhaps?

~ Kata Golda

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