Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Underneath, Where Things Grow

Thinking of the dirt and what goes on below the surface of the garden...what makes all of this color and feels so rich; no wonder small children like to put it in their mouths. When I come in from the garden I am not colorful, I am muddy.

I always start in my garden by digging my index finger straight in to check to make sure that the deeper soil is moist so the roots will dig deeper in search of water and solidly root the plant.

Inside the house I do the same thing: everything has to be just so and in place before I can begin the work I love to do. Cleaning the kitchen counters and sweeping the floors…this sometimes takes hours.

And if, on the previous day, I worked in my studio until the very last minute, I clean it up before I begin again: brush all of the little bits of felt and paper off my work tables, put away my drawing pens and pencils (sharpened first!), fold and stack fabrics, etc.

If I don't take these steps to care of what is underneath, not only is my work space cluttered but so is my head. Nothing will take root and grow. The clarity I feel from taking care of my environment allows me to have the freedom to draw, photograph or just quietly look at the way the light is hitting an object.

It is vital to take care of what is underneath...it is what is inside, it is our roots.

~Kata Golda

[BELOW] My freshly cleaned workspace: fertile ground for creativity.

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