Friday, July 10, 2009

Hello from Kata Golda

I spend most of my waking hours with a needle and thread in hand. I sew to create functional objects (like books and curtains), I sew to mend and I sew to decorate.

There are only so many things I can keep. Eventually through giving things away and word of mouth I started selling the things I'd sewn and eventually there was just too much for just one girl to do.

As my business grew, so did my need for help. My friends helped me stitch, and as I looked around the sewing circle I saw talented people who were not using their skills: machine stitchers, pattern makers, fabric dyers, a potter and a letterpress printer. Their skills are now vital parts of my workshop.

I feel tremendously fortunate that what I love to do is the way I spend my time. I am a homebody, and my environment makes me feel alive — from my flower and vegetable gardens to my old, colorful house in the Puget Sound.

On this blog I'll show you new things I've created, let you know about sales on things I've made too many of, talk about what I'm doing in my studio and share what I see that inspires, what makes me feel most excited to jump out of bed and start my day — sometimes before the sun even rises.

My full catalog and online store can be found at; be sure to check back in the fall when I launch my new 2010 collection. It's been a productive year and I have plenty of new things to share.

~ Kata Golda

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