Monday, July 20, 2009

Abundance and Good-byes

At this time of year it feels like if I could stay still long enough, I could actually watch my garden grow.

The plants that are reliant on a trellis travel in measurable amounts, and yesterday's thorough picking of the ripe raspberries requires another thorough picking today. I'm reminded of the brevity of this moment as the snap pea vines are beginning to yellow and dry.

BELOW: Kata Golda's garden.

At Kata Golda it also is the time of abundance and good-byes. As we have finished creating and selecting our designs for our new catalog (available late summer), we have abundance!

BELOW: Stacks of newly dyed wool felt, wands, and
stuffed "mouse girl" companions fill the Kata Golda studio.

At the same time we also say good-bye to some items we won't be including in our 2010 collection. The good news is that we'll be having a sale on those items, and will let you know more when the details are finalized.

~Kata Golda

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