Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Process: The Anticipation of a Flower

I am surrounded by the successful planting of well-timed flower blossoms.

In early spring I feel a panic that I should have planted more bulbs in the winter time; that the dry sticks that were once lush plants are actually dead and the empty spots in the garden that I have just heavily mulched will stay that way.

Mid-summer brings on a new perspective; the blossoms exploding into full flowers timed like a show of fireworks. I am most pleased by the anticipation of the flower.

When I have an idea I usually write it down because the ideas — unlike flowers — don't arrive in my mind at predictable moments. When I take the idea further with drawings and pull materials suitable for making it, it feels like the unfolding of a blossom.

[BELOW] A page from my sketchbook.

Most often the anticipation of the making and process of creating are the most exciting. The results may have a specific application, may be part of a work-in-progress, or may just need to be seen through and discarded.

It is important to be able to let go and to see the value in the process as a practice.

~ Kata Golda

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  1. From now on I´m going to look on ideas as the unfolding of a blossom. I love that /Petrus Kukulski, Stockholm