Monday, September 28, 2009

Almost Ready: Kata Golda's New Print Catalog

At last we are nearly ready with our 2010-2011 printed catalog…addressing
envelopes, stamping them with postage and decorating them with rubber stamps. The 'waiting table' is staged with envelopes and lists, with pens and letterpress printed note cards.

It's the process of preparation, the hand-writing of notes, the organizing and reorganizing of stacks and the changing configurations of the piles that I enjoy so much. It's also a math lesson for my daughter: How long does it take to decorate and put postage on an envelope? How many cents would be reasonable pay? And how many envelopes do I need to stamp in order to earn enough to buy a colored lip balm?

The making of Kata Golda's new print catalog took about a year. From careful study of our last catalog, through drawing then creating new designs and objects...all along deciding what works, what doesn't, what can be fixed by redrawing a line, what I feel conflicted about because it does not fit in with the collection and what just simply becomes removed. The process of elimination is both liberating (I don't actually need to make item this work, I can just drop it) and a little painful (working a lot on the pages of a baby book and deciding it's just not right yet, and not knowing how to make it right).

Once all of the products are decided upon and made, then it's an organizational task of creating categories and cohesiveness. This is where I owe so much appreciation to my photographer, Frank White, who photographed each and every product and tolerated my inexplicable and unpredictable critique of the artistic photographs.

And I also owe great appreciation to the girl who puts it all together...who designs, debates, edits, organizes, and explains...Amy Redmond.


I hope that you enjoy my new collection.

~Kata Golda

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